I recently purchased Arnova Tablet 9 G2 from SharafDG, Dubai, UAE –  which was a good bargain as I was getting along an Arnova Child Pad with it FREE, but i soon found it to be useless, when i found it had no Google Play / Market in both of these Tablets.

I was under the impression that anything that has Android OS, must have an Google Market / Play, but i was wrong, it had some useless APPSLIB, which was really crappy in the sense of the applications that I needed to download was not available.

The Arnova Tablet 9 G2 is quite a decent one, since it has a large screen, with 1GHZ processor, and 8 GB space, but the sound is really terrible, you would need to put an additional speaker, not worth to watch a movie on.

Anyways I had purchased this more for professional work rather than entertainment, and I needed those APPS from Google Market / Play.

After lot of research, I found there was a way to Flash your Arnova Tablet 9 G2 and install a custom firmware and get the Google Market / Play. But believe me it was a risky process, since it could brick your device and would become a paper weight. But after carefully going through the below link given, step by step, I had successfully installed the custom firmware which included the Google Market / Play and all the related applications with it such as Gmail, GTalk, Maps, etc… It was a big relief for me as I know had access to the entire Market and had my favorite applications installed on to my tablet.

So for people who got this tablet and wondering how you could install the Google Play, please follow the below link:

If for some reason you are not confident of doing so, send me an email / post a comment on this blog, and would be happy to help you out.

By yusuf

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