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Jobberbase Employee/Candidate Module

I’ve created Jobberbase 1.9 Module for Employee / Candidates allowing them to post their Resume. 

Features of the JobberBase Module for Employee/Candidates is as follows:

  1. Allow them to upload their Cover letter & CV/Resumes in PDF format only
  2. The Employee/Candidate can post their Resume in Job Category they are interested
  3. Captcha to prevent spamming
  4. Employers can view the resumes freely category wise
  5. The Employee/Candidate can delete their resume and re-post if necessary
  6. Admin can view the resume & approve & send a notification to the Employee/Candidate that their resume has been accepted
  7. Admin can delete the resume & send a notification to the Employee/Candidate that their resume has been rejected

The module is very easy to install & can also assist for you if you wish to me to install it for you.

Send me your queries on my Gmail a/c for further information : yusufmr at gmail dot com

5 thoughts on “Jobberbase Employee/Candidate Module

  1. Empleo en DF Reply

    As I can make the payment?, I am interested to put the module on my site.

    1. yusuf Reply

      yes sure you can make the payment to my gmail a/c yusufmr [@] gmail [.] com

  1. Jason Reply

    Thank you for your awesome piece of work. With such low cost for the module, its worth every penny for the module that i had been looking for quite some time.
    sweet 🙂

  1. Ali Reply


    Do you still do customization for jobberbase?

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