These days a lot of websites are being hacked or they are being targeted for abuse. There has been a high increase in script induction in the website. 

A novice website user has no idea, what they are facing and how their websites are being compromised.

 It is a common sight these days that I get calls from people to remove viruses from their websites. Now it’s just not computer viruses that are harassing users, but website borne virus are really a pain for web developers.

As per my experience, I would like my readers to know how you can best prevent attacks to your website.

The foremost thing a website developer should keep in mind to have their PC’s up to date with latest Anti Virus definitions. I’ve found Avast Anti Virus to be very effective in detecting websites with potential viruses and Trojans.

Secondly choose a good hosting company and try to avoid a Windows Platform hosting. A good host should have some type of security installed on their web server such as mod_security.

Keep changing your hosting control panel and FTP password as frequent as possible. Create strong passwords; do not go for weak passwords.

For any forms that have email sending capability should have Captcha so Bots do not use it to abuse.

Strip out special characters that can allow Hackers to take control over your website.

Use GEO IP to block IP address which keep targeting your website now and then. This is a very useful tool.

I would paste some really good links which would guide you much further on website security.

If you have any comments or would like to share something to my knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By yusuf

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