I’m putting few email marketing tips for those who heavily depend on Email Marketing as their main marketing tool to show case their product and services. Now this is entirely written according to the experience I had over all this years. I’ve been fortunate to run lot of email marketing campaigns for international clients such as Land Rover, Jumeirah International, adidas, Microsoft. Over the years I’ve been able to give clients an insight how well did their email campaign and generate various reports on Email Open, Clicks, Unsubscribed, Bounces, etc…

Now I may understand what i present here, people might have different opinions and can freely comment & put in their experience as well:

Your email contacts are very important to you and therefore the Emails you sent to them should meet the following criteria: 

1. Your email should always have a Good subject line, mentioning clearly what the Body content of the email will be all about, avoid using words 10% discount, Free, You’ve won, etc as these might directly go to Spam/Junk

2. Your email should always have a properly formatted HTML that is view able and faster to download on any email client, platform, gadgets.

3. You should always put the statement “If you are not able to view this email, please click here” and click here should link to the HTML file which you’ve hosted it somewhere (for e.g. http://www.example.com/newsletter01.html)

4. Avoid using complete images on the email, as some people just do not have enough email space or sometimes it is blocked by Email Settings. Even if you do use, always include TITLE and ALT tags on the Images, so even if they cannot see the images, they can read the underlying text.

5. Put in more of meaningful text and give proper linking to sections which need to go to a specific location. Make sure your text is not very long, which could bore the audience, specially those who are using mobile phones to read your emails. Make it short & concise.

6. When you design an email, make sure your email width maximum size is 700 pixels and not more than that, height can be any proportional. Also ensure your overall email size is not more than 200KB.

7. Always ensure you have the unsubscribe to your email listing in order to for the user to unsubscribe from your list.

The above tips are largely for those people who heavily depend on Email as their Marketing tool and have a good set of Emails. Say even if you’ve an minimum email database of 50 emails, you should follow the basic rules.

Hope this helps!

Do let me know if you have any queries.

Thanks & Regards

By yusuf

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