I’ve been working more than 10 years in Web Development field and can give you all a fair idea on Website Building and Processes.

When we talk about website building to clients, we often forget to get the minutest details of their businesses and thus end up building a website which is not effective for their clients or to be potential clients.

While building a website for a client, always ensure you have all the details to begin developing a website that serve their needs rather than ours.

I’m laying out few points for you to take note of, so when you go to meet a client, you make sure you cover almost all aspects, which will help you in building their website to their needs.

  1. Know their businesses as if they are employing you and you would love to know what their business is about, how it works.
  2. Ask them who their competitors are, do they have a website? 
  3. Why would they like to have a website, what benefit it would bring in them
  4. Or if you are approaching them for a website, give them how a website can benefit their business
  5. Never Say NO we cannot do it, tell them that we can offer you an alternate solutions, or we will get back to you
  6. Show them websites that you have recently completed and how well you satisfied the client
  7. Once your are through meeting the client, send the client Minutes of Meeting via email and ask them if you missed out something or you would like to add something
  8. Before you commence with the design and development, finalize the client’s website via a Site Map and Functional Overview of the website, so the client has a clear idea, on what they can expect as an end product.
  9. Get all the assets from client such as Logo, Images, Text from the client before you commence the project and ensure you stick to the timelines as provided to the client.
  10. Clients always like providers who provide product before or on time; this would always make you a Trust worthy provider and would refer you to other prospective customers too. 
  11. Always make sure you communicate vital issues with client via email such as Timeline, Costs, Sitemap, Functionality of the website, so just to ensure, everything goes smooth and systematic.
  12. Never provide a timeline that is too long or very short. Always to make sure that both you and client are happy with the Timeline and that you are confident of achieving the set Timeline.
  13. Give clients at least 2-3 designs to choose from.
  14. Allow for clients to go for minor amends to design but not major since you already have finalized the design, hence if you allow for major amend, then it is same as making a new design.
  15. Once the design is finally approved, we start developing the site.
  16. You can choose the preferred language to develop in and let the client know, you would be using so and so technology to develop your website, so they have a fair idea on what platform is their website going to be based in.
  17. Follow the Proto Type model for developing websites; it’s easier for you and the client to help in completing the website.
  18. Once you are done with the development of the website, put it on a Staging URL for client to review and give their feedback.
  19. On successfully agreeing with clients on feedback and having the client satisfied with the website, decide a launch date to launch the website.
  20. Give client on how next you can help them to market and advertise their website via Banners, Email Shoots, etc.
  21. Finally give a good service after the launch of the website, help them in maintaining their website. 

Above are some of the points I thought worth writing. I’m sure there are more to these and I can go on writing more and more in-depth to these.

Of course lastly, if you have any queries and you would want me to give you some consulting, do send me your comments and will get back to you 🙂

By yusuf

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